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Do you have any techniques to fall asleep?

We often go from tossing and turning in bed and wandering through our thoughts in a way that seems endless and is tiring. You finished your day, it's already night outside, it got late, you went to bed, you're tired but you can't sleep.

More and more people are making the decision to indulge in sleeping pills, with the aim of achieving uninterrupted, lasting and quality rest. However, specialists warn that sleeping pills are sometimes not safe enough and some believe that patients should limit their intake and try to fall asleep naturally.

You have to keep in mind that falling asleep to sleep well, usually starts with good sleep practices and habits. Although it is real that sometimes that is not enough. Therefore, there are techniques and natural supplements that are used to sleep properly. We will tell you about them below:


Making tea before going to bed is an option, where you can also generate a small and healthy habit-ritual before going to sleep. There are a large number of varieties that have herbs, which work very well to fall asleep such as:

  • Melissa

  • Basswood

  • Valerian

  • Chamomile

  • Passionflower

  • Hops

  • Poppy


You can try doing a couple of stretching exercises or some yoga practice, where you can tense your muscles and from that tension they relax. It is very important if you do this to be able to give importance to the entire body, so the relaxation is greater. Going to sleep with relaxed muscles offers the possibility of sleeping soundly and waking up full of energy.


You need to take time to get tired before lying flat in bed. This being the best option to avoid tossing and turning in bed to sleep well. One of the biggest drawbacks that people have when falling asleep is that they do not have enough capacity to relax their minds. Constantly thinking about the frustrating fact that they need sleep, but can't get it.

A good recommendation is that if after half an hour of going to bed you cannot fall asleep, get out of bed and do some activity that causes fatigue. Many times reading can also help us. The ideal is to move away from any screen to avoid light, which is one of the factors that interrupt.


We all know this is a very relaxing habit. Therefore, the idea is to take a hot bath before going to sleep, which is recommended to achieve the appropriate temperature to fall asleep. This is because when you get out of the hot water you experience a small drop in body temperature. This represents a key element to make the brain sleepy and ready to rest. Of course, this technique is not recommended for summer since it would only increase our temperature and it would be difficult to sleep.


Whether by burning some incense or sahumo, placing a bag with aromatic seeds near the bed, spraying the environment or the pillow itself with some fragrance, it is possible to reconcile the sleep better. If you don't decide on a specific aroma, lavender is the best alternative to sleep, due to its relaxing properties.


Meditating is great for getting a good night's sleep. People who practice meditation sleep more and much better. All thanks to the relaxation that is obtained through this practice.

In the event that mindfulness is not compatible with your lifestyle, taking deep, relaxing breaths is also helpful. Although it seems strange.


It is very important that the room is kept cool, dark and free from noise. Blinds and curtains drawn, bed made and ready for bed. Turning off mobile devices and trying to keep the general room temperature no higher than 18 degrees Celsius.


In general we should avoid going to bed hungry or with an overly full stomach. In particular, it is necessary to avoid eating heavy or very abundant meals two hours before going to sleep. The discomfort could cause insomnia.

Also be careful with nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. The stimulant effects generated by caffeine and nicotine take several hours to wear off. Therefore, they can interfere with sleep. Although alcohol might make you feel drowsy at first, it can disrupt sleep after a while.

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